Installing new software applications

Licensed Software (Commercial or Restricted Use)

There are a number of licensed commercial or restricted use applications already installed on ARC. See our Restricted Licence Software Applications Form for a list.

We can help you install new applications of this type by hosting them centrally and restricting access by project, or you can install them yourself in your $DATA area following the installation guides provided by the software vendor.


Do not attempt to run package managers such as apt or yum on the ARC systems these will not work as they will (by default) attempt to install code into protected system directories which you do not have permission to write to.

If you have such requirements, contact the ARC team via

Open Source Software

ARC uses the EasyBuild framework to manage central application software installations on the clusters. We already have a large number of applications installed on ARC and you can find a list of installed software here.

If the package you require is in this list we should be able to install this for you reasonably quickly. Use the ARC Software Installation Request Form to request this.

You can also install software in your own $DATA area using the Easybuild toolchains (compilers and libraries) to satisfy any dependencies that the application may have.

If you have any problems contact a member of the ARC team via